Your global power partner

We deliver global solutions to the OEM and aftermarket for all kinds of high horsepower engine and power plant applications using our advanced engineering expertise.

CMR's produces components, parts and systems at 10 different geographical locations, holding thousands of reference part numbers for our global customers. We also have an extensive track record in successfully automating conventional and nuclear power plants exceeding 1000MW output.


CMR provides full product lifecycle management support to engine and genset OEMs, covering R&D collaboration, engagement on design and optimization of production locations to meet cost and supply requirements. We can also install, service and recondition all your componentry anywhere, globally.


CMR is highly experienced in ensuring the reliable and safe operation of your nuclear, conventional, renewable and power grid operations. 

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Key solutions include:

Engines & Gensets
Nuclear Instrumentation & Control


Your global oil and gas partner

CMR Group delivers world class electrical engineering solutions to the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the global oil and gas industry.

Operating offshore and onshore for over 30 years, we have built an enviable reputation for engineering, quality and reliability.

Understand more about us and our capabilities.

We are pleased to offer research and development, project management, manufacturing and services to support your global projects.


We supply switchboards, power management, control and monitoring equipment and services, alongside the expertise that you require.

Successfully expanding into the unconventional shale gas sector, CMR Group has gained preferred supplier status for instrumentation and control equipment with many world-class OEM’s.

Key solutions include:


Your global transportation solutions partner

CMR provides complete solutions for marine, naval and land based transportation.

From advanced condition monitoring through to specialist wiring systems, we have an extensive technical portfolio.

We supply OEM's, end users and Tier 1 or 2 suppliers on every continent.

Key applications include marine, navy and off-highway, including locomotive.


CMR has been a trusted source of high quality electrical systems and electronic products for your marine and shipbuilding requirements for over 50 years.

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CMR’s equipment can power a wide range of your off-highway assets and locomotive rolling stock.

From the mine trucks of Africa to the natural gas trucks of China and the railroad networks of North America, CMR can supply you with class-leading custom electronic instrumentation solutions to ensure that your major projects are delivered on time and to budget.

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Key solutions include:

Marine Transportation

Land Transportation

Your industrial automation partner

CMR has advanced knowledge and experience in all the major PLC based automation systems including and SiemensTM, SchneiderTM, ABBTM and Allen-BradleyTM.

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We specialise in applying Siemens Simatic PCS7 technology for industries running recipe-driven processes with multiple product routing requirements, delivering intuitive solutions without heavy customization.

For machinery automation and hazardous environments, we can develop proprietory software, apply advanced electrical engineering and expert algorithms.  We are pleased to accept the technical challenges that others may not be able to fulfil.


CMR can develop advanced instrumentation and monitoring solutions for your equipment, while customizing products for flammable area environments (ATEX, CSA & UL).

Specializing in compressors and pumps we apply our extensive experience in wiring systemsindustrial sensorsdata aqcuisition and remote monitoring can benefit a wide range of your rotating machinery applications.

We understand hazardous and nuclear area environments and work alongisde major OEMs to deploy equipment safely and ontime to these highly regulated environments.

Key solutions include:


rotating machinery

Your military equipment and solutions partner

CMR has specialist expertise in components supply, upgrading/refurbishing and custom-engineering solutions for your military equipment and prime power sources.

Our engineering, software, installation and commissioning capabilities are offered globally on a full turnkey basis for all types of projects.

CMR's military specification systems are deployed worldwide in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia:

  • Navy - full vessel supervision and power management solutions with weapons system automation capability
  • Army - advanced control, monitoring, instrumentation and automation solutions for land and water based transport

Key solutions include:

Defense - Navy

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Engines & Gensets