Our Leadership

CMR Group leadership spans all continents, skills and cultures. As a company we have over 50 years of experience in delivering profitable and sustainable growth in high value industrial markets.

As you would expect from a mature global business, our leadership is commmitted to delivering a strong business mission:

  • being the recognized leader in the design, supply and service of engineered solutions to our markets

  • expanding our global business in accordance with stakeholder expectations

  • maintaining a profitable and sustainable business focused on customer satisfaction through continual improvement

Yves Barraquand, Chief Executive Officer

Neil Wilkinson, OEM
Engines Managing Director

Frederic Serna, CEO,
CMR Far East

Davy Theophile, EIM Business Unit Director

Stephan Truchot, Group Finance Director

Coralie Monnot, Group Human Resources Director

Patrice Flot, Group Chief Technical Officer

Jean-Francois Michel, VP Production, Purchasing Supply Chain

Davy Theophile, Hydro Business Unit Director

Lassad Ketata, Group Manufacturing Leader

 Lassad Ketata, General Manager, CMR USA

Sean Jiang, General Manager, CMR China

Mahesh Shinde, Operations Manager, CMR India

Rojel Rivera, General Manager, CMRP Automation

Brian Kim, Managing Director, CMR Group Korea

Zineddine Benhadid, Managing Director, CMR Tunisia

 Davy Theophile, Group Marketing

Steve Bean, VP Group QHSE


Yvon Defour, Group
IT Manager

Alain Meslati, OEM Group Sales Manager


"Our mission is to maximise people efficiency"

Mahesh Shinde, CMR India Operations Manager

Engines & Gensets