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Your challenging environments need our controls and instrumentation 

CMR Group develops and manufactures world class electrical engineering solutions to exacting industry quality standards.

1.switchboards & power management

Low Voltage Switchboards, Medium Voltage Switchboards, Motor Control Centers (MCC's), Generator control, Vessel monitoring, Jacking monitoring, Skid control

2.electronic systems

Engine Monitoring, Integrated Marine Alarm Monitoring and Control IMACS AMS, Vessel Automation, Engine Control & Automation, Safety Systems, Marine Communication, Marine Telemetry - VDR, Marine Weather, CCTV

3.engineering solutions

Custom Products, Hazardous Area, Thermal Power Plant, Nuclear Power Plant, Upstream, Downstream and Midstream Oil & Gas, CNG, LNG, gensets, High Horsepower Engines, Marine, Rail and Locomotive, Army, Navy, Automation, PLC

4.industrial sensors

Temperature Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Speed Sensors, Level Sensors, Rudder Angle Sensors

5.fuel quality systems

Diesel Fuel Quality, Oil Quality, Biodiesel, Near Infra Red technology,Gas Regulation, Water, Particulates, Debris

6.wiring harnesses

Pipe Harness, Flexible Harness Systems,  Braided Harness, Conduit Harness Systems,  Interconnects, Intelligent Smart Harness

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