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Our Senior Leadership Team

CMR Group leadership spans all continents, skills and cultures. As a company we have over 50 years of experience in delivering profitable and sustainable growth in high value industrial markets.

As you would expect from a mature global business, our leadership is commmitted to delivering a strong business mission:

  • being the recognized leader in the design, supply and service of engineered solutions to our markets
  • expanding our global business in accordance with stakeholder expectations
  • maintaining a profitable and sustainable business focused on customer satisfaction through continual improvement
  • Yves Barraquand, Chief Executive Officer
  • Neil Wilkinson, OEM Engines Managing Director
  •  Alvin Sim, CEO, CMR Far East
  • Jacques-Andre Mayeur, EIM Business Unit Director
  • Lyonel Rathery, Group Finance Director
  • Patrice Flot, Group Chief Technical Officer
  • Jean-Francois Michel, VP Production, Purchasing, Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Sebastien Marcaillou, VP General Engine Sales
  •  Asif Rashid, President, CMR USA
  • Sean Jiang, General Manager, CMR China
  • Lassad Ketata, Managing Director, CMR Tunisia
  • Mahesh Shinde, Operations Manager, CMR India
  • Rojel Rivera, General Manager, CMRP Automation
  • Schwanwit Wongwetprasit, General Manager, CMR Thailand
  • James Thwaites, VP Group Marketing 
  •   Steve Bean, VP Group QHSE
  • Alain Meslati, OEM Key Account Director
  •  Frederic Choizeau, Group IT Manager