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CMR has specialist expertise in upgrading, refurbishing and engineering custom solutions your military equipment.

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For the landing catamaran illustrated, CMR’s control system ensures load balance equalization and efficient operation of a variety of onboard systems including the:

  • interface to the power generation control and distribution

  • interface with the propulsion control system

  • power management

  • local fans

  • pumps (fire, bilge, GO transfer, electric, hydraulic)

  • navigation lights

  • alarms (fire, flooding, access, water jet)

  • lifting wheelhouse


The overall design incorporates four ramps, with the two hulls tied to liaison arms and a moving platform, that is raised by hydraulic jacks. CMR is accustomed to this level of complexity when integrating systems to perform a variety of local or remote tasks.

Our custom engineering, software, installation and commissioning capabilities are offered globally on a full turnkey basis for all types of military projects.

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