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Your global partner for high horsepower engine and genset components

We offer individual components and complete systems - pre-cabled wiring systems, industrial sensors and controls, alarm monitoring, safety systems (AMS) and local operating panels (LOP) for all your high horsepower applications.

CMR provides full product lifecycle management support to engine and genset customers, covering R&D collaboration, engagement on design and optimization of production locations to meet cost and supply requirements.

We can also install, service and recondition all your componentry anywhere, globally.

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Find out about our latest engine and genset sensors -  SAEJ1939 Connect CANTM


Your industrial engines operate in harsh environments that can include high levels of airborne dust and humidity with temperatures variances from - 40ºC to over 150ºC. This presents a problem for a modern engine platform utilizing 25 or more sensors. CMR’s equipment is therefore precision engineered to protect delicate electrical and electronic components, especially from any potential water ingress, including daily hose-down and cleaning. 

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Using our experience of working with 30 global OEM’s, we are now developing the next generation of engine management systems. CMR is designing highly advanced wiring technology that can monitor and control shock and vibration levels alongside sophisticated new emission control detection and sensor technology.

Engaged in the development of the latest Eco-friendly IMO/ EPA Tier engines, we routinely embed design, manufacturing and product support teams in or near your manufacturing locations globally, to facilitate rapid new design introductions thereby improving your competitiveness.