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Your need for safe and reliable systems

CMR has 40 years of experience in supplying the naval markets of North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Specializing in small and medium sized vessels as a primary contractor during the start-up stage of your new projects, we design, develop and supply custom products including electrical instrumentation, control and alarm monitoring safety systems (AMS).

CMR’s work covers both submarines and surface vessels for mission critical applications and meets all relevant naval type approvals.

Our Engine controls including Local Operating Panels (LOP) and Local Power Panels (LPP) are approved to MIL standards for EMC, shock and vibration.


One example of a custom submarine systems deployment within Europe involved the creation of an automated weapon handlings system implemented within a SchneiderTM PLC framework.

This project carried a high level of sophistication and calculated many operational parameters, including reviews of mechanical structure (finite element analysis), reliability/durability and the thermal exchange properties of the systems deployed.


CMR is able to support the deployment of fully integrated Alarm Monitoring Systems (AMS) together with ancillary systems.

This allows crews to monitor and operate a range of vessel equipment while being fundamentally reassured of their safety.

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