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CMR Group Korea LLC
1206 Centum T-Tower, 66 Centum Joongang-ro (Central Street)
Haeundae-gu, Busan

Tel: +82 51 743 3902~3
Tel: +82 10 6307 0404
Fax: +82 51 743 3904

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CMR Group Korea is a leading supplier of control, monitoring and instrumentation products to the Korean heavy industry marine and power sectors.

Specializing in advanced electrical and sensing technology, CMR supplies world class products to the high horsepower engine market.

In the marine sector we hold a world-class reputation as a provider of LNG low temperature systems, Alarm Monitoring and Control Systems (IAMCS) for vessel automation and marine / offshore CCTV.

For power plants we supply products for gensets, thermal and nuclear power plant automation.