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14 Oct 2019     asia   Energy Transition   europe   middle east & africa   north & south america  

Signature of the first contract for an Algerian hybrid project, with the construction of two hybrid solar powerplants...

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E-Pulse Engine Control System

26 Mar 2019     asia   europe   middle east & africa   north & south america  

A new approach to extending the life cycle of diesel engines has been developed by CMR Group, automation and control system specialists for marine and high-horsepower applications...

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CMR goes further into Pharma

24 Jan 2019     asia  

Control and instrumentation specialist, CMR Philippines, has won undisclosed contract to supply and install advanced BMS system...

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CMR India opening ceremony

16 May 2018     asia  

CMR Has achieve a new milestone by opening a new world-class manufacturing hub...

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