Local Operating Panels (LOPs) for Marine Engine & Industrial Applications

Local Operating Panels (LOPs) for Marine Engine & Industrial Applications

CMR marine engine Local Operating Panels are Specified by the world’s leading high horsepower engine and marine companies. Using powerful CLARINUX™ software based on the LINUX Operating System, our LOPs can be fully integrated, configured and installed for quick and easy customer use.

marine engine local operating panel
Electrical Connection
• CAN Bus Interface to Engine Control Unit (ECU)
• J1939/CAN Open
• Mod Bus
• RS422
• RS485
• Ethernet
Number Of Inputs
1,728 Channels (Modular)
Material Of Construction
Steel cabinet
20kg (approx.)
380mm (min)
380 mm (min)
Other Dimensions
210mm (min depth)
Other Features
• Custom design (paint, colour, gauges, electronics)
• Engine start/stop
• Remote control
• Auxiliary and pre-heating control
• IP56 rated


LOPs operate advanced proprietary modular CMR technology to manage simultaneously the functions of engine safety, shut down and condition monitoring.

For marine applications, CMR LOPs provide a vessel’s crew with a single integrated control system that is easy to use, particularly in the case of those EFIC engines (Electronic Fuel Injection Controlled) that need to comply with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) regulations for MARPOL Annex VI Tier III, aimed at reducing pollution emissions.

CMR LOP systems process and display all user defined engine parameters, trigger local alarm outputs, update the alarm list and store events in the log book. Built upon modular architecture, LOP operates with one acquisition unit and one Human to Machine Interface (HMI) module.

All implementations are supported by CMR with design expertise, prototyping, on-site validation, commissioning and service support.

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