Military MIL-SPEC Navy & Army Engine Custom Control Panels

Military MIL-SPEC Navy & Army Engine Custom Control Panels

CMR supplies engine and genset control panels for use in military applications for army and navy deployment. They are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to correct and reliable performance. Equipment and components meet the stringent standards of performance to comply with what is known as MIL-SPEC (United States defense standard) standards.

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CMR can deliver MIL-SPEC-grade marine engine control equipment, instrumentation, controls and power management for offshore, marine, engine and industrial applications.

Core product groups include electronics and software, custom engineering solutions, fuel systems, industrial sensors, switchboards and wiring systems.

Three critical areas for military applications of marine engine control equipment are as follows:

• vibration testing of shipboard equipment for electromagnetic compatibility (MIL-S-167, rev. 1A)
• electromagnetic interference (MILS-461, rev. F)
• high-impact mechanical shock testing requirements for shipboard machinery (MIL-S-901, rev. D)

While MIL-STD 461 is the basis for electromagnetic compliance for most navies around the world, most civilian organizations, including CMR Group and its customers, use these specifications to test component robustness in harsh environments with high electromagnetic pollution, which can be applied to non-military oriented products.

MIL-STD 461 effectively establishes verification requirements for immunity from electromagnetic interference — emissions and susceptibility — applied to electronic, electrical and electromechanical equipment and subsystems, which may be designed or procured for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) navies and other international naval organizations and agencies.

All CMR Group MILSPEC equipment is designed and classified as “essential to the safety and continued combat capability of end users” and provides continuous performance throughout the product operational life.

In addition to compliance with previously mentioned critical performance criteria, equipment is also compliant with the following, in which compliance is maintained by continuous review and analysis:

• MIL-STD-108 E, “Definitions of Basic Requirements for Enclosures for Electric and Electronic Equipment”
• MIL-DTL-2212 J, “Contactors and Controllers, Electric Motor AC or DC, and Associated Switching Devices”.
• MIL-E-2036 D, “Enclosure for Electric and Electronic Equipment, Naval Shipboard”
• DOD-STD-2143, “Magnetic Silencing Requirements”
• MIL-E-917 E, “Electric Power Equipment Basic Requirements”
• MIL-P-15024 E, “Plates, Tags, and Bands for Identification of Equipment”
• MIL-STD-454 N, “Standard General Requirements for Electronic

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