Marine & Offshore CCTV Camera and Monitoring System

Marine & Offshore CCTV Camera and Monitoring System

CMR offers a complete range of CCTV cameras to monitor hazardous areas and machinery. Housed within IP rated, stainless steel enclosure housings, CMR's systems are built to withstand harsh environment conditions such as those presented by marine vessels and offshore platforms.

cctv marine and offshore


CMR's CCTV systems are propose designed for challenging environments such as heat, humidity and vibration. Key technical specifications follow:

• Explosion proof PAN/TILT Camera CCN-EX-PAN/TILT Series
• Weather Proof PAN/TILT Camera CCN-WT-PAN/TILT Series
• Keyboard SKP series
• Color monitor SMT-171 & SMT-191 Series
• Controller Quad Switcher SCQ & SVD Series
• Matrix Switcher SMX Series

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