CLARINUX SIMS™ - Smart Innovative Monitoring System (AMS)

CLARINUX SIMS™ - Smart Innovative Monitoring System (AMS)

CLARINUX SIMS™ (Smart Innovative Monitoring System) is a touchscreen AMS system designed for engine monitoring in marine and industrial environments.  Easy to configure, SIMS™ has a modular configuration to acquire any analog or binary engine parameter from either an acquisition unit or directly from the engine ECU. All data acquisition can be user defined in terms of alarm triggering and graphical representation.

clarinux sims alarm monitoring system
Operating Temperature Range
0°C/+70° C
Electrical Connection
Rear Panel Area:
• 2 x CAN interfaces (CAN open, SAE J1939)
• 2 x CAN interfaces (CAN open, SAE J1939)
• 1 x RS485 (Modbus RTU)
• 1 x Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP)
• 1 x USB
Number Of Inputs
64 up to 96
Analog Inputs
Binary Inputs
0 96
Number Of Outputs
4 output relays
Output Type
Mechanical Connection Thread Form
+/- 1 %
Response Time
< 1 sec
Material Of Construction
Aluminium & white Zinc-plated sheet
Vibration Tolerance
4g, 0 to 100 Hz
4 kg
• Base block : L=212 mm
• 12 modules acquisition block : L=402 mm
• 4 modules acquisition block : L=167
102 mm
Other Dimensions
Depth = 90 mm
Other Features
• Power Consumption Max : 2 A at 24Vcc
• 5.7" full VGA LCD touch screen, LED backlight
• HMI module Dimension176x130x56 mm
• Insulation fault detection
• Analog signal conditioning: TcK, PT10


Using CMR's embedded CLARINUX™ software system, SIMS™ is a highly modular, flexible and cost-effective system that meets all marine classification standards. Particularly useful for mechanical to electronic engine conversion, it can also be used for any local monitoring application such as tank level and other measured parameters. Thanks to its modular architecture and communication capabilities, SIMS™ can easily be integrated easily into a larger systems using standard communication networks.

SIMS™ is fully compatible with the CLARINUX Rack 65™ and Rack 121™ using the same software protocols and hardware I/O modules for expansion and flexibility.

The main tasks performed by SIMS™ monitoring software are:
• Acquisition and processing of data from CAN bus, CAN open & J1939 protocols, Modbus RTU, Modbus on Ethernet TCP-IP
• Processing & Acknowledgement of alarms
• Display of information via graphical screen pages
• Display of status records (logbook)
• Protection by password for the system configuration
• Configuration upload and download with a USB key

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