CLARINUX Rack 121™ - Alarm Monitoring Safety System (AMS)

CLARINUX Rack 121™ - Alarm Monitoring Safety System (AMS)

The CLARINUX Rack 121™ (AMS) performs alarm, monitoring and supervision functions, parameter display and alarm generation. Using CMR's embedded CLARINUX™ software system, the Rack 121™ displays parameters transmitted over a CAN network results on a 12'' LCD color screen.

clarinux rack 121 alarm monitoring system
Operating Temperature Range
0°C/55°C + 70 °C during 24 hours
Electrical Connection
Front Panel Area:
• 2 PS/2 female connectors for keyboard and mouse connection
• USB port : Supports any USB2.0 (480Mbps) compliant peripherals

Rear Panel Area:
• 24VDC Power Supply
• CAN 1 Network
• CAN 2 Network
• FoP output 1 to 5
• FoP output 6 to 10
• “ACK” input
• “INHIBITION” input
• “STOP KLAXON“ output contact
• 1 Port USB 2.0
• 1 RS 232 (COM2)
• 1 Ethernet network
Number Of Inputs
600 channels
Number Of Outputs
• 10 Outputs Relays
• 30 Outputs Optocouplers
Output Type
• Relays
• Optocouplers
Material Of Construction
Aluminium & stainless steel
Vibration Tolerance
0.7 g, 2 to 100 Hz
CIE 60068-26 test Fc
5.2 kg
318 mm
377 mm
Other Dimensions
Depth = 70 mm
Other Features
Screen TFT LCD color (800x600), 12"


Processing up to 600 channels per device in analog or binary ON/OFF mode, several parameters may be assigned with 2 natural high or low threshold values and cross reference other channel and alarm conditions.

Each analog channel can be displayed with a graphic indicator such as a vertical or horizontal bar graph, dial type indicator or digital indicator. In addition to monitoring, this system offers a functions for status recording and storage with many extension possibilities.

CLARINUX Rack 121™ has been designed for any marine or harsh environment industrial application. Approved by the main Marine Classification Societies, this unit is used as a local or general monitoring system on-board, and subscribes to unmanned class requirements.

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