Local Display Unit (LDU™)

Local Display Unit (LDU™)

The CMR LDU™ Local Display Unit has been developed to perform two main functions: alarm reporting and responsibility transfer. These features are mandatory to operate in Unattended Machinery Spaces (UMS) for marine environments.

local display unit marine
Operating Temperature Range
Electrical Connection
Rear Panel Area:
• 24VDC Power Supply
• RS485/RS422 configurable
• Output Relay
Output Type
Material Of Construction
Aluminium & stainless steel
Vibration Tolerance
4g, 5 to 100 Hz CIE 60068-26 test Fc
0.9 kg
130 mm
200 mm
Other Dimensions
Depth = 39 mm
Galvanic Insulation
Other Features
The unit displays 4 lines of
20 characters. The displayed characters are of
ASCII standard type (from 0x20 to 0x7F)


The Local Display Unit is an electronic unit intended to display parameters for unattended marine applications in the machine room to display alarm information and notify a request for responsibility transfer.

The LDU™ communicates with the supervision software through an RS485/RS422 type network architecture using the MODBUS RTU communication protocol.

The communication interface can be configured in RS232 to perform a point-to-point connection and is mechanically designed with a small form factor to take up minimum space in a bulkhead or electrical cabinet housing.

In normal operation, alarms are grouped to be sent in a compact form to the various facilities (such as mess room, meeting room, cabins) and especially for the on-duty staff cabin

Optimized to operate with the CLARINUX™ alarm monitoring and supervision software, it is also easily possible to interface the LDU™ with other alarm monitoring systems.

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