AN Nuclear Fluid Temperature Sensor

AN Nuclear Fluid Temperature Sensor

AN sensor series are designed for measurement of pressurized or non-pressurized fluids, with a Platinum RTD sensitive element or thermocouple. They are particularly recommended for high pressure fluids and aggressive gaseous fluids for nuclear environments. AN sensors can also be used for any high pressure fluid temperature measurement.

an nuclear fluid temperature sensor
PT100 or 2PT100 or K type or 2K type
Operating Temperature Range
0°C / +300°C
Thermowell Maximum Pressure
Type 1 & 2 : 260 bars
Response time at 63% (water at 100°C, 0.4 m/s)
<=120 seconds with Thermowell
Maximum Accidental Current Without Destruction
10 mA during 15 mn
Dielectric Strength
500 Vrms - 50 Hz
Storage Temperature
-40°C to +85°C
Measurement Range
0°C / +300°C
Ambient Temp
Class A as per IEC60751
Vibration Tolerance
5g (10 - 100 Hz)
>=100 Mohms / 500 Vdc (20°C < tX)


Easy to install and maintain, these sensors are designed for harsh environment including nuclear ambient conditions.

The technology of sensitive element can be defined in compliance with the customer expectations: single or double RTD (3 or 4 wires) & single or double K type thermocouple. To ease maintenance, AN temperature sensor can be equipped with a specific connector in order to reduce the wiring and installation time on site.

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