BS6 Rotating Machine Bearing Temperature Sensor

BS6 Rotating Machine Bearing Temperature Sensor

The BS6 sensor is designed for rotating machinery bearing applications, including pumps, compressors alternators, reducers, steam and gas turbines

bsi6 machine bearing temperature sensor
Single PT 100 sensor or double PT100
Process Connection
M12x1.75 / M18x1.5 / G1/2'
Operating Temperature Range
-20°C / +125°C
Measurement Range
-50°C / +150°C
Material Of Construction
Stainless steel
>100Mohms / 500Vdc


With a high performance connector spring system providing optimum contact, the BS6 can also be supplied with a fiberglass plunger for a galvanic insulation between the body of the sensor and the metallic tip.

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