Rigid PIPEHarness™ - Inside Crankcase CTC

Rigid PIPEHarness™ - Inside Crankcase CTC

Our PIPEHarness™ systems, first patented in 1972, set the global industry standard for robustness. CMR provides inside crankcase engine wiring solutions for engines and gensets in industrial and marine markets.

inside crankcase pipe harness
Operating Temperature Range
Min -50°C / Max 85°C (100 hours at 125°C)
Electrical Connection
• Internal wiring is designed according to each application. For thermocouples, it can be either common negative or wire to wire. A PT 100 sensor can be installed for the cold junction temperature compensation
• Each base is wired to the main male connector with high temperature PVC insulated cable
• The pipe is fitted with dispensed polyurethane, for perfect insulation, sealing and vibration protection
• Electrical connections can be customer specific or standard JAEGER connectors. For NATO application the connectors are from SOURIAU or JUPITER
Usually 3.2 Kg/meter
Up to 6 metres
Usually 60x60mm, 30x30mm, 50x50mm
Other Dimensions
Up to 90mm x 90mm
IP54 or 64
Other Features
• The pipes can be considered as mechanical parts offering the corresponding savings, allowing sensors with identical extension cord lengths
• Mounted with one bracket, approximately every 1.5 metres


Your ability to perform is based on a need for absolute reliability.

Enclosed within aluminium profiles, using typical 60mm x 60mm extrusions, the CMR PIPEHarness™ protects your critical wiring on the engine platform and internally, within the crank case.

Typical applications of the Gas Engine Ignition PIPEHarness™ range includes:
• Transmission of power supply for ignition coils
• Connection of sensors used for monitoring gas and dual fuel engines
• Transmission of measuring signals

Main benefits include:
• ‘State-of-the-art’, in terms of installation cost:
- The pipe is inside the oil sump, so machining time is reduced as only one through wall connection is required
- The sensor requires a minimum of securing inside the engine block
- Economy on sensor cables (which do not need to go outside the casing)
• Waterproof for fixing inside crankcase (for example for bearings temperature measurement transmission)
• Outputs made by a single fitting through of the crankcase
• Engine esthetics maintained due to absence of external cabling
• Very easy maintenance: only 1 coupling and 1 plug need to be loosened.
• Pipe can be installed through the engine block doors or similar aperture, which simplifies the installation operations.

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