Rigid PIPEHarness™ - Complex & Multi-Service CAW, CPW, & MSP

Rigid PIPEHarness™ - Complex & Multi-Service CAW, CPW, & MSP

Our PIPEHarness™ systems, first patented in 1972, set the global industry standard for robustness. Enclosed within aluminium profiles, using typical 60mm x 60mm extrusions, the CMR PIPEHarness™ protects your critical wiring on the engine platform and internally, within the crank case.

complex and multi service pipe harness
Operating Temperature Range
Min -50°C / Max 85°C (100 hours at 125°C)
Electrical Connection
• Internal wiring is designed according to each application. For thermocouples, it can be either common negative or wire to wire. A PT 100 sensor can be installed for the cold junction temperature compensation
• Each base is wired to the main male connector with high temperature PVC insulated cable
• The pipe is fitted with dispensed polyurethane, for perfect insulation, sealing and vibration protection
• Electrical connections can be customer specific or standard JAEGER connectors. For NATO application the connectors are from SOURIAU or JUPITER
Usually 3.2 Kg/meter
Up to 6 metres
Usually 60x60mm, 30x30mm, 50x50mm
Other Dimensions
Up to 90mm x 90mm
IP54 or 64
Other Features
• The pipes can be considered as mechanical parts offering the corresponding savings, allowing sensors with identical extension cord lengths
• Mounted with one bracket, approximately every 1.5 metres


Your ability to perform is based on a need for absolute reliability.

Typical applications of the Complex and Multi-Service PIPEHarness™ range includes:
• Connection of sensors used for monitoring diesel and gas engines
• Transmission of measuring signals

This rigid PIPEharnesses™ is designed for performing the electrical connections between:
• each coil and the general input to which the cable from the distributor is connected
• each temperature sensor and the general output to which the extension cable is connected
• Each pipe is designed according to the dimensions and the timing of various engine types. The mechanical installation is thus much simplified
• Easy maintenance (connections through connectors)

Main Benefits:
• Complex pipes carrying out the functions of a measurement and ignition pipe and those of a multi-service pipe
• Pipes allow for the transmission of all low-voltage and low-level signals.
• Fool-proof and pre-wired system, designed to reduce wiring operations on the engine. No special installation skill required (plug and play)
• The pipe is fitted only with 2 or 3 brackets
• Simplified engine cabling
• Reduced costs of cabling
• Installation and replacement of sensors in minimum time
• Impossibility of inversion when connecting sensor
• Standardization of sensors (cable length) and optimization of spare parts stocks.

All CMR PIPEHarness™ products are produced using automated cut, strip and termination, build board assembly with best in class test systems support by Cirris test software.

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