MS™ AU 4-20mA Monitoring Module

MS™ AU 4-20mA Monitoring Module

The MS™ module range performs a dual function by measuring and monitoring parameter inputs while handling insulation and power supply functions. By using multiple single channel modules, a custom system can be installed on common DIN rail mountings in close proximity to the installed equipment to be monitored. The plug type terminal blocks allow very rapid wiring and installation / removal.

msau 4-20ma monitoring module
Operating Temperature Range
Electrical Connection
Two wire section 2.5 mm² max for input 4-20mA only
Number Of Inputs
Single Channel
Analog Inputs
1 x 4-20mA, ZE
Number Of Outputs
Output Type
Contact without voltage (Vmax 125 V, Imax 1.25 A, Pmax 30W/50VA) by NE or ND relay
Measurement Range
+ 0°C / + 800°C
Mechanical Connection Thread Form
DIN 46277 RAIL
+/- 1%
Material Of Construction
Metallic and plastic
Maximum Pressure
0 to 40 bars
0.135 kg
111 mm
111 mm
Other Dimensions
Depth : 20 mm
Input : 500 V
Other Features
• 24 Vdc Power Supply
• Insulation 30? at 500 V
• Power consumption 25mA max
• Threshold time delay : 0.7 sec


The MS™ modules are used in 4 application cases :
• Conversion of Pt 100, thermocouples and voltage inputs into 4-20mA signals.
• Monitoring of current and voltage (exceeding of adjustable threshold or out of range) and of electro valve or relay lines
• Insulation of signals
• Power supplies

The MSAU™ unit monitors a 4-20mA current and triggers an alarm when the signal exceeds a min or max adjustable threshold. BV classified

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