S127™ Industrial Engine Exhaust Gas Temperature Manual Scanner

S127™ Industrial Engine Exhaust Gas Temperature Manual Scanner

The S127™ unit is a compact manual scanner unit with a micro-controller for industrial engine exhaust gas "K" type thermocouples and dual displays. One LCD displays temperature values in °C and one alphanumerical LCD displays the selected the scanned channel.

s127 industrial engine exhaust gas scanner.jpg
Electrical Connection
Power supply 24 V screw terminals
Number Of Inputs
32 channels
Material Of Construction
Moulded thermoplastic DIN 43700 format
0.3 Kg
Other Dimensions
Depth = 55 mm
Other Features
IP61 rated


The S127™ unit's microcontroller capability is used for diesel/gas engine and industrial applications to display K type thermocouple and exhaust gas temperature information.

Configuration can be adapted to user needs using the portable independent micro-terminal. For diesel applications, channels are divided into 3 groups: cylinders (max 20), turbo blower inlets (max 8) and turbo blower outlets (max 4).

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