S128™ Industrial Engine Exhaust Gas Temperature Monitoring Unit

S128™ Industrial Engine Exhaust Gas Temperature Monitoring Unit

The S128™ unit offers stand-alone multi-channel monitoring and display of exhaust gas temperatures in a small form factor on a multi-lingual front plate. This scanning unit is designed to be mounted onto industrial engines and benefit from CMR's experience in harsh environments.

s128 industrial engine exhaust gas monitor
Operating Temperature Range
Electrical Connection
Rear Panel Area:
• 24VDC Power Supply
• “INHIBITION” inputs low cylinder, low turbo, deviation/average
• RS232 C to printer
• 2 x RS 485 to network
• Keyboard
Number Of Inputs
32 Channels
+/- 1%
Material Of Construction
Metallic and plastic
Other Dimensions
Other Features
• 620 mA power consumption
• Capacity: 20 cylinder channels, 8 turbo channels, 4 turbo outlet channels.
• Display: Alphanumerical digital comments
• Keyboard: User friendly front plate keyboard incl


S128™ is a compact exhaust temperature monitoring unit for industrial diesel and gas engines, based on microprocessor control, complying with the main marine classification society requirements.

Exhaust gas temperature analysis is the simplest way to perform condition monitoring, enabling scheduling of maintenance programs to support avoidance of serious damage while maintaining optimum engine performance.

The unit monitors for engine faults, deviation faults, low temperature, high temperature, sensor failure, scanning failure and cold junction probe compensation.

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