CLARINUX™ Operating System using LINUX software

CLARINUX™ Operating System using LINUX software

Our powerful open-source based CLARINUX™ software using the LINUX Operating System, is an extremely cost-effective, license-free solution. CLARINUX™ software is highly regarded for application in Engine, Genset, Industrial & Marine Systems environments.

clarinux linux operating system


CMR’s CLARINUX™ software has the capability to handle key functions related to Alarm, Monitoring and Control, manipulating data from CAN Bus (CAN open and J1939) and Modbus (RTU and over Ethernet TCP/IP) protocols. Our systems engineering team introduces regular base-line upgrades, most recently including engine control functions such as prelubrication, pre-heating, engine starting sequencing, pumps/ compressor compliance and additional sensor inputs.

CLARINUX™ software has been developed to offer the following functionality:
• Man-machine interface through LCD display and touch screen (no keyboard needed)
• Dimmer function, by touch screen button
• Driving the output buzzer
• Design and control of master functions of CAN open protocol
• Data acquisition from CAN bus
• Display of these data in various format
• Log book function
• Alarm function according to marine specification. Management of acknowledgement, colours and display of these alarms
• Alarm grouping
• Time delay on appearance and disappearance, hysteresis
• Inhibition
• Easy configuration
• Several access levels

An added advantage of the CLARINUX™ software is its extendibility, particularly in a marine context. Fully approved by marine classification societies, the system receives AUT-UMS Class notation acceptance for ‘Engineer on for ‘Engineer on Duty’ Management, dead man systems, cabins and mess rooms.

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