Retrofit & Upgrade

Your retrofit and upgrades partner

CMR enables you to realize significant efficiency gains and savings through retrofitting and upgrading your ageing installations..

For example, a retrofitted automation system can deliver you;

  • increased uptime and availability
  • faster detection of process errrors 
  • capabilities to meet new operational targets
  • conformancy to new process requirements
  • improved end product quality

If a factory or power plant is to be fully converted, CMR can provide complete turnkey EPC (engineering, procurement and production) solutions. These implementations can cover everything required, from the smallest modernization project to a full rebuild, conversion or relocation.

We are specialists in engine, genset, power plant and marine/naval retrofits. These projects can easily extend the working life of your assets by decades, for a minimal investment. 


For vessels we ensure that the most stringent environmental and regulatory requirements can be met through our mechancal and electrical system retrofit projects. User experience (UX) is also a top requirement of our customers and we can use our experience to ensure your crews operate under safe and friendly operational conditions.

CMR has expertise in engine instrumentation, supervision and monitoringautomation, power management systems and a proven approach to project management which enables us to carefully plan every stage throughout the development of projects from work scope and engineering to refit scheduling and final delivery.

"Our global engineering team offers a responsive service"

Didier Godart, Service Engineer

Engines & Gensets