Project Management

Your highly qualified project team

CMR executes your projects from start to finish in a timely and coordinated manner. We plan activity and schedule resources in accordance with the an agreed schedule and project plan. CMR is your true global engineering partner.

Our mission to engineering uncompromising solutions, is targeted at your success. Our field and project management services include:

  • Estimating
  • Resource allocation
  • Scheduling
  • Project Task Coordination
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Mechanical and Electrical Bid Requests
  • Selecting and Managing Subcontractors
  • Risk Management (Including Assessing and Controlling Risk)
  • Allocation of Resources
  • Controlling Project Execution
  • Implementing a Management Information System ( Tracking and Reporting Project )
  • Quality Management
  • Forecasting Future Trends in the current project
  • Prevention of Defects

"Our engineers are skilled in delivering timely solutions"

Guillaume RE, Application Engineering Manager

Engines & Gensets