Power Generation & Electrical Grid

Your qualified partner for power plant systems engineering

CMR is highly experienced in ensuring the reliable and safe operation of your nuclear, conventional, renewable and power grid operations. 

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Our customer groups include:

  • Designers and manufacturers of capital equipment

  • Facility owners of fossil fuel and nuclear energy facilities

  • Genset operators

  • Genset packagers

  • Power Grid operators

  • Renewable energy sites 

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We support you with reliably engineered solutions for three levels of plant operation:

  • For power plants and renewables - Control and Alarm Monitoring and Safety Systems (AMS) to provide reliable and accurate controls, including nuclear facilities. We can design a complete monitoring and control system for any plant, including load sharing management and synchronization of generators.

  • For genset monitoring and control we offer full integration support to packagers and end user

  • For power grid operators - High Voltage substation upgrades and grid supervision projects

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Specializing in nuclear power station "Control and Command" we are certified by our customers, including full EDF K3 area accreditation, for electrical engineering product supply, installation and servicing.

Products include:


CMR is experienced in control, alarm and monitoring systems for renewable power projects, particularly for hybrid solar diesel solutions. Depending your daily and yearly load, we design the most efficient solution of the electricity production using solar, batteries and genset with our HYLIOSTM hybrid solutions providing stable energy generation in off-grid and on-grid applications.

Solar & Diesel Hybrid Solution


For power plants, our service capabilities are extensive:

CMR is capable and experienced in deploying full supervision systems for power plants of all sizes including data acquisition, control and office level desktop access. These include many coal-fired facilities exceeding 1000MW output.


"We are committed to a drive for zero defect quality culture"

Xiaogai Wang, Quality Inspector

Engines & Gensets