Rotating Machinery

Your rotating machinery partner and hazardous area equipment partner

CMR can develop advanced instrumentation and monitoring solutions for your equipment, while customizing products for flammable area environments (ATEX, CSA & UL).

We also have advanced knowledge and experience in all the major PLC based automation systems including ABBTM, Allen-BradleyTM, SchneiderTM and SiemensTM.


CMR's extensive experience in wiring systems, industrial sensors, data aqcuisition and remote monitoring can benefit a wide range of your rotating machinery. applications.

We understand hazardous and nuclear area environments and work alongisde major OEMs to deploy equipment safely and ontime to these highly regulated environments. 


A specialist contract undertaken by CMR included the refurbishment of a machine crawler’s motor system for one of Europe’s largest power plant operators.

This project covered the wheel excavator, carrier band, lifting arm, arm rotator and primary power source in order to improve coal carrying efficiency.

Involving the replacement of eleven motors and servicing of another two, the project also covered the deployment of associated equipment such as hydraulic motors and lubrication pumps.


Implemented with ScheniderTM PLC’s, CMR was able to perform the refurbishment on-time and to strict specification, validating advanced calculations to control travel speed, orientation and lifting.

With a focus on delivering highly customized automation and supervision systems, we are a safe pair of hands for all your projects.

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"We are committed to a drive for zero defect quality culture"

Xiaogai Wang, Quality Inspector

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