Hylios Smart Micro-grid

Micro-grid containerized solution integrating solar photovoltaïc generation, energy storage and hybridization with diesel power plant.

HYLIOS Smart Micro-grid is also equipped with an energy management system able to adapt the energy production to the customer load constraints.


Mobile & hybrid solar micro-grid,
easy to deploy and ready to power

Our "Plug & Power" micro-grid plant, dedicated to site electrification

The major challenges of remote sites or rural electrification are mainly driven by the control of the financial risk of an asset for an investor, the ability to deploy simple and reliable solutions for a client or an Independant Power Producer, and the modularity of the solution to meet various energy needs of the off-taker.

To answer these market expectations, CMR Group has developed "HYLIOS Micro-grid" containerized solution.
This mobile and compact small power plant solution, probably the most powerful on the market, is innovative by its modular design and its energy management system, because it integrates and manages an energy mix with photovoltaic solar generation, energy storage and hybridization with thermal power plant.

HYLIOS Micro-grid solution has been designed as a "Plug & Power" solution, easy to transport to and deploy at any site, and ready to connect to a local electricity distribution network of a hospital, a university, a community or any industrial or agricultural site.

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