Message from the general manager

Yves Barraquand, general manager of CMR Group
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Message from the GENERAL MANAGER

CMR Group joins Amphenol Technologies Group.

On January 12, 2023, CMR Group joined Amphenol Technologies Group, listed on the New York Stock Exchange and among the world's 500 largest companies.

Amphenol has been experiencing exceptional growth for years with a very diversified product range; from connectors to antennas, including connection solutions like harnesses, sensors and cables.

Being part of the Amphenol family opens many opportunities for collaboration with other companies in the group, whether it be as customers, suppliers or partners. CMR will be able to expand its range of products and solutions.

For all employees, CMR's attachment to Amphenol Group offers new professional and human experiences and exceptional opportunities to explore new fields.

CMR will keep its identity and its business lines within the group, serving the energy, transportation, marine and defence industries.

Yves Barraquand, General Manager

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