Any Type of Engine Temperature Sensor

CMR Group is a able to provide any type of High Horsepower Industrial Engine temperature sensor for marine and land applications. Our product range also stretches to pressure and anti-knocking, where required.  

Our range of specialized industrial engine sensors is the most tried and tested in global engine, power and rotating machinery markets. Our knowledge of sensors spans 50 years, all tested and referenced by the worlds' largest low, medium and high speed industrial engine and equipment manufacturers. CMR's deep understanding of engine platform requirements in clude elegant solutions deployed inside the engine crank case using wireless technology and J1939 smart sensors.

Alain Meslati, Key Account DIrector - OEM Engines stated, "CMR is able to propose any kind of industrial engine sensor solution - we have specific expertise in high temperature exhaust gas solutions. Our new JSENSETM technology is the market leading solution for J1939 enabled engine sensors".   

CMR show around 1,200 sensor product variants on the CMR website, listed in the following categories;

Ambient T°
Charge Air T°
Combustion Chamber T°
Cylinder Liner T°
Exhaust Gas/Head/Turbo T°
Exhaust Valve T°
Fluid T°
LNG Leakage T°
Main Bearing T°
Nuclear Approved I&C T°
Rotating Machine Bearing T°
Smart J1939 Connect CAN

We are able to make any type of sensor shape or sized connector with interchangeable sensing elements or electronics for low or high volume order quantities. 

For further information, please contact your local CMR subsidiary or make contact through our website.

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