CMR leads in LNG temperature sensors

Improved detection of potential explosions and damage to expensive equipment caused by low temperature gas leaks is provided by advanced marine LNG temperature sensors now available from the CMR Group.

Part of our marine product range includes TCM2 sensor monitors for gas leakages in the secondary double hull barrier space of tanks on board LNG tankers equipped with reciprocating dual fuel engines. This high performance, precision engineered sensor features a probe element and is cable rated between -200°C to +200°C, and is capable of measuring to Class 1 and 2Part o fuel standards.

PT100 simplex or duplex versions with individual connection boxes or marked wires are also available from CMR to meet specific end-user applications while tailor-made versions can be precision engineered to meet the requirements of cabling for extreme environments. For instance, sensors can be fully integrated with durable and highly resistant mineral insulation cable (MIC) for applications in immersed locations.

Sensors featuring a measurement probe and cable rated from -200°C to +150°C for accuracy compliance with Class 2 IEC 60751 standard can also be produced for LNG powered trucks, railway locomotives and power stations applications.

CMR is a leader in the development of sensors for demanding operating environments, specialising in solutions that are among the most reliable and advanced for the global engine market. The company also offers specialised thermocouple and pressure sensors to meet precise requirements and can draw on 50 years expertise in sensor development and manufacturing to deliver custom solutions.

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