New designs for successful J1939 Connect CAN smart sensor

Launched in 2014 and designed for both land and marine applications, the J1939 Connect CAN sensor benefits from 50 years of CMR know-how in diesel/gas engine temperature measurement. Using J-SENSE technology, analog to digital conversion electronics are embedded within the sensor design, allowing a direct CAN connection to the engine ECU. The temperature is measured with a K thermocouple and the mV signal is digitally converted to CAN bus. This smart sensor is fully configurable.

CMR is now designing new versions for exhaust gas temperature, cylinder liner, fluids, pressure and speed measurement which will integrate miscellaneous improvements and a double TCK input.

As an OEM engine/genset company, machinery manufacturer or after-market user, the J1939 CONNECT sensor provides a more elegant instrumentation solution.

Alan Meslati, Key Account Director (OEM) stated,

"From its launch last year, the J1939 connect CAN smart sensor has been supplied to several customers for exhaust gas temperature measurement and installed on high speed and after treatment engines. The results have been highly successful with the positive feedback showing a very good accuracy levels, "out of the box" configurability and perfect operation".

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