Wiring System

Thanks to the 60 years of experience we have in engines, we can standardise and maintain your electrical facilities and ensure the reliability of their instrumentation.

Our value proposition

We develop and standardise individual components as well as delivering complete solutions that will meet your engine instrumentation requirements. These include industrial engine sensors, cabling systems, alarm monitoring systems and engine control systems, covering all of your power applications.

CMR provides engine and generating unit manufacturers with complete product life-cycle management services. It uses the very latest technologies for engine control systems in both land-based, and is able to leverage global engineering with an agile, optimised supply chain, including manufacturing in China, India and Tunisia. CMR is your partner – from design through to commissioning.

We can install your equipment anywhere in the world, and then provide after-sales and reconditioning services.


Reliable for harsh environments

CMR now delivers standardised solutions for more than 30 industrial and marine engine manufacturers worldwide (new and retrofit).

Our sensors, wiring systems and on-board electronics are designed and tested for the harshest environments.

Plug & play for easy installation

Our systems are designed to be “plug & play”, optimising installation and maintenance times.

Marine, hazardous environments and military approvals

Marine, hazardous environments and military approvals
CMR is able to qualify and certify solutions for the marine sector with Euro MR (IACS E10), the military sector and for industry with ATEX, EX and CSA.

We use our internal laboratory to manage tests such as:

EQT shock & vibration (IEC-61373)
EQT thermal cycle (tunnel temperature) (IEC 60068)
EQT salt fog & IP test (IEC 60529 & IP4X)
EQT abrasion resistance (IEC 61196)
EQT radiated emissions (MIL-STD-461G guidance)

to meet your needs and required approvals.



Power generation


Oil & Gas



Complex electrical harnesses
Our solutions

Wiring harness capabilities : braided conduit, rigid, heatshrink


Recent projects

Data Centre

Data Centre

Several power generation applications



Temperature sensors, wiring systems / bundles & control panels for more than 150 natural gas-powered generating unit engine applications, UK



Plug & play wiring solutions for use in the engines of mining transport trucks

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