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Since it was founded in 1959, the group's development has been governed by its values and a strong will to integrate sustainable development into its activities.


Control Mesure Regulation (CMR) was founded in Marseille to repair ship engines and develop instruments for industrial engines


Technological growth with the first patented pipe harnesses for marine and industrial engines


Diversification throughout Asia, joint venture in China and opening of offices in South Korea


Business diversification in off-shore oil & gas and nuclear sectors. Activities extended into the US and Singapore

2000 - 2015

Continued global business growth with new manufacturing sites opened in Tunisia, China and India. Project office opened in the Philippines

2016 – 2022

Diversification into renewable energies with COSTRONIC in Hydro.

2023 - TODAY

Acquisition by Amphenol

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Long-term vision
Global presence
Build story

Founded in 1959 on the outskirts of Marseille in France, CMR was initially created to repair instruments on ships. Then it quickly shifted its focus to developing sensors and cabling systems for diesel engines capable of withstanding extreme conditions.

Today, CMR develops, manufactures and implements control and supervision solutions for the energy, industrial and marine sectors. It does this by integrating its own smart sensors and automated systems.

With nearly 1000 employees – including 100 based in France– CMR Group has offices and production sites in 10 countries and generates 90% of its turnover from exports.

Long-term vision

CMR develops a variety of solutions for its clients. These include customised services to product manufacture. It now ensures that all of its services meet current regulations, as well as adhering to the principles of corporate social responsibility. They are also ISO 9001-certified and have been awarded other quality certifications.

CMR is now shifting its focus to energies, the aim being to provide its clients with sustainable solutions and services by integrating digitalisation.

Aware of the role that its activity has on society and the environment, CMR is committed to sustainability, while at the same time adhering to the ethical standards required to build the world of tomorrow. To this end, its Code of Conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility policy constitute guidelines for all of its employees, wherever they may be based.

Global presence

Client satisfaction is one of CMR's main values. Thanks to its 12 sites in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America, the company has a truly global presence. Proximity to its clients – thus ensuring strong partnerships – is in CMR Group's DNA. CMR goes to every effort to ensure that it is able to provide its clients with tailor-made products and a highly responsive service.

CMR's strengths lie in its unique, multicultural teams. CMR’s employees work in a flexible, dynamic working environment. They are bound by their strong values and a commitment to being responsive, as well as ensuring that their work meets the highest quality standards. Thanks to CMR’s global presence, they are always able to meet the needs of new clients, giving the group an excellent opportunity to establish a presence on new markets.


We create smart instrumentation and automation systems for a cleaner environment in the energy, industrial and marine sectors.

Since 1959, we have been designing, manufacturing and delivering innovative products and tailor-made solutions – everything from smart field sensors and connectivity systems to advanced monitoring and automation systems for the energy, industrial and marine sectors. Our efforts are focused on adapting our clients' power systems for safer, cleaner and more sustainable generation. Since 1959, we design, manufacture and deliver innovative products and tailored solutions, from smart field sensors & connectivity to advanced monitoring and automation systems dedicated to energy, industry and marine. We focus our efforts to adapt our customer power systems into safer, cleaner and sustainable generation.


Facilitate access to the energy sources of the future.

Players in the energy, industrial and marine sectors are actively looking for low-carbon energy.

Our aim is to encourage use of these  energies, by improving energy efficiency.


Our values are what guide our actions on a day-to-day basis and grow our business.
All CMR employees support these core values and actively promote them.


Ensuring that our organisation remains nimble, reactive and flexible

Client satisfaction

Building client satisfaction to ensure our own success


Acting and communicating with integrity and loyalty to ensure compliance with standards & regulations


Leading by example and being positive so as to inspire and motivate others.

Operational excellence

Honouring our commitments and constantly improving.

Team spirit

Working together as one diverse, multicultural team.

Corporate social responsibility

CMR aspires to being exemplary in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This management concept is based on the company self-regulating and striking a balance between its economic, environmental and social imperatives.

It is not only large companies that have corporate social responsibility policies: any company can adhere to the principles of sustainable development and commit to engaging in ethical practices.

CMR has therefore implemented a corporate social responsibility policy that gives consideration to the responsibilities it has in relation to the environment and society. It has integrated this policy into its governance system.

Coralie MONNOT, Director of Human Resources & Corporate Social Responsibility

Socially-responsible initiatives

CMR engages in initiatives designed to help future generations discover different ways of doing things.

To promote its diversity policy, CMR  communicates about disability and raises its employees’ awareness of the importance of declaring any disabilities.

CMR is committed to equal opportunities for its employees, and achieved a score of 75/100 for 2022.

CMR implements various initiatives to enhance quality of life in the workplace for its employees (internal events, acknowledgement programmes, training, etc.).

CMR works with local employment and reintegration stakeholders, helping people from "sensitive areas" reintegrate into society.

A company committed to protecting the environment

CMR is sensitive to the consumption of resources and strives to reduce consumption of water, energy and even paper by implementing initiatives at local level (communications campaigns, installing recycle bins, etc.).

Energy and education are what underpin the CSR policy. CMR undertakes to implement its own environmental and social projects and initiatives. All employees are involved in this CSR challenge.

Every year, CMR analyses its carbon footprint in a bid to reduce it. Initiatives to do with optimising the transportation of raw materials and finished products are central to its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

CMR trains its teams to analyse the life cycles of its products so as to improve waste recycling. Our engineering and R&D teams focus their efforts on integrating the principles of sustainable development at all levels of the company.

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