Ballast Water Expansion

CMR Group is emerging as a key supplier of ballast water panels to leaders in the global marine sector.

Driven by new legislation, a move that will affect at least 35% of the world fleet or 50,000 vessels world-wide, all major ship owners are implementing custom ballast water management programs.

Treatment of ballast water revolves around ensuring that discharge is free of organisms that may survive and out-compete native species, becoming invasive and casuing damage to local ecosystems.

The IMO Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC) was put together in 2004 which will enter into force a year after acceptance by 35% of flag states. As of November 2014, the figure was 32.54%.

CMR UK has made strong inroads into the market place supplying a range of finished units and is now working closely with CMR China to secure further business for the supply of ballast water cable sets.

Gary Dockey, Head of CMR UK Business Development, said:

"We see ballast water management as a key sector for our market diversification strategy, offering CMR Group a profitable revenue stream for many years."

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