Continual Improvement Summit

CMR Group Continual Improvement Summit 2014

The first CMR Group Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) summit took place in Newcastle, UK in September alongside the group quality meeting.

Each business unit was represented at the event - an important milestone in the Group’s CIP journey. Participants were introduced to project charters and how to construct them, data collection and analysis, 5S / workplace organisation.

Waste identification and a structured approach to its elimination was also covered. Participants also saw the improvements that have occurred in the last two years in Newcastle. All were impressed and are excited to have the opportunity to replicate the UK’s improvement.

Business units will now lead the change themselves with support from Group CI Manager Chris Bell.

Chris said, "The next steps will see project selections in each business unit focusing on improvements for 2015. There will also be training in Tunisia, China and India and new CMR branded CIP refresher cards in all languages including Arabic".

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