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Triple Mexican Marine Order for CMR & PDI

*Picture - CMR Group and PDI Berimar during acceptance testing in Marseille, November 2015 

Working with Spanish marine agent and automation specialist PDI Beiramar, CMR is installing complete CLARINUXTM  Integrated Alarm, Monitoring and Control System (IAMCS) installations for 3 large tug boats based in Mexico.

Gerard Baldellou, Marine Division Manager at CMR Group said: “In the highly competitive vessel automation sector, our global customers are benefitting from excellent service support through PDI Beiramar who are able to deliver and integtrate robust CMR systems that utilise robust hardware and flexible intuitive CLARINUXTM software.”

The integrated alarm, monitoring and control system (IAMCS) has the following subsystems:

Hardware channels:  200 on/off channels and 100 analogue channels (4-20mA, Pt100 and NiCrNi).
Software channels: 1 Modbus communication with PMS in order to send and receive data.
Alarm Groups: Alarm Groups.

4 stand-by pumps:
M.E.1 Lub. Oil stand-by pump
M.E.2 Lub. Oil stand-by pump
M.E.1 Fresh water stand-by pump
M.E.2 Fresh water stand-by pump
8 start/stop pumps.
68 double effect valves (open/close):
28 for ballast and bilge system.
40 for diesel oil system.
I/O points:  176 DI and 172 DO  

Repeaters: 1 Repeater for Bridge, 1 Repeater for ECR for ER manned/unmanned, 4 Repeaters for cabins (3) and mess (1)
Dead Man Alarm:  2 On/Off units and 2 Reset units. These units will be mounted in the E.R.

Electric Plant: 440vac, 60Hz.
Equipment to control:  2 Auxiliary generators, 500kVA each, 4 Heavy consumers

PDI Beiramar
Founded in 1998, PDI Beiramar is part of the Emenasa Group of companies whcih operates in the global marine auotmation sector for the electrical and control equipment.

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