A collaboration on an APQP project

In 2013, Cummins and CMR Group started a partnership on the APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) project, an essential tool for quality management and the launch of new products. Today this relationship shows the relevance of this partnership and continues to yield positive results for both organizations.

This collaboration, recently recognized by Cummins, was the subject of an article published around the world within their organization, highlighting the success of the work of the CMR team. A recognition and a success that could not have been obtained without the worldwide commitment of CMR's Engine Instrumentation teams.


During this partnership, CMR continued to learn and develop its understanding of APQP but also how each of its elements could work best and within its organization, with the aim of improving controls and to introduce new products.

For each project, controls on CMR products have been put in place and are improved during each work session, as well as the documentation which is updated and which has been specially designed to adapt to products and processes NPI (New Product Introduction) CMR.

In order to enrich these tools, CMR's latest investment concerns the design of a dedicated PPAP (Production Part Approval Process, validation from the customer) software, which will be able to provide increased control and precision during taking dimensional information of customers requests. 

Thanks to the use of APQP tools during new product introduction programs, the CMR group has considerably improved its product launch capacity and performance, while meeting the strict expectations of its customers in terms of quality, cost. and delivery.​​​​​​​

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