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CMR's I&C Nuclear approved monitoring at World Nuclear Exhibition

S128 & S129 UNITS NG
A series of electronic monitoring units New Generation for the nuclear power industry will be displayed by engine control technology and instrumentation specialist CMR Group on stand 7 - H163 – French Pavilion at the World Nuclear Exhibition (June 28 – 30).

Sebastien Ozenda, nuclear specialist stated,

"The new S-Unit range has been specifically designed for the simple and effective condition monitoring of safety backup diesel genset systems used in nuclear power plants.

Designed to be compliant with nuclear energy industry standards and ensure that backup diesel gensets continue to operate at optimum performance, the units provide advance warning of potential problems and serious damage, improving the scheduling of maintenance programmes".

The next generation S128 and S129 units comprise easily configurable 32 channel analogue inputs for the accurate condition monitoring of key engine characteristics. These include measurement of exhaust gas temperature, bearings temperature, water temperature, stator winding temperature, pressure, lubrication oil temperature and other features.

Designed to withstand harsh and demanding operational environments, the robust units have two operational modes, providing a permanent display of the last channel manually scanned or the automatic display of all sensor channels.

A user friendly interface and front panel keyboard enables configuration changes to be made easily, allowing individual output relay settings to be modified and alarm groups and set points to be fixed. The S-Units form part of CMR Group’s comprehensive range of specialist sensor, instrumentation, control and monitoring systems for the nuclear sector.

CMR will also displayed its I&C Nuclear approved sensors, AN, BC/BS and AMB series, supplying with direct measuring "in situ" of fluid and gas temperatures.

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