CMR digitalizes its
human resources management processes
and its communication

CMR digitalizes its human resources management processes and its communication

More than ever, the digitalization of our work processes and tools is at the heart of our concerns. CMR has launched several digital projects in recent years and is now putting a special focus on the digitalization of its human resources management processes. Indeed, after an outsourcing of payroll in France, a dematerialization of pay slips and a time management now fully digital, very useful in the current context, the human resources team, in close collaboration with the IT team is getting to deploy integrated human resources management, thereby making it possible to harmonize processes across all 11 subsidiaries.
The objective of setting up a Human Resources Information System is on the one hand the saving of time with a historization of the data, suppression of certain seizures or printing of documents, and on the other hand to make it easier to carry out processes such as annual interviews with easier use through an ergonomic interface, easy to understand and handle. This time saving will also allow human resources teams to devote more time to support employees and their expectations while managing the various processes more efficiently.
CMR also has a new intranet to improve communication between teams and between sites and thereby strengthen the feeling of belonging to the Group by sharing a common culture. This project, which aims to be participative, involves various contributors but also ambassadors who will have an important role up to date when the platform is launched. The objective: to share more information in a single space common to all.
Digitalization now appears to be inevitable and CMR intends to continue its digital transformation in depth.

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