New Approach to Improved Engine Fuel Measurement 

A new and innovative approach to marine engine fuel usage measurement has been launched by leading control and instrumentation specialists CMR Group.

The Fuel Monitoring System (FMS) features a new hardware configuration to accurately calculate actual diesel consumption levels using a combination of fuel pressure and temperature sensors located on the engine.

Usage curves plotted on CMR’s Smart Innovative Monitoring System (SIMS) are compensated through various pre-programmed factors, including the variation of diesel oil density.

This innovative approach to computing fuel consumption as a function of fuel pressure and temperature enables the engine manufacturer to avoid the use of expensive fuel consumption measurement systems based on fuel mass flow meters.

At the heart of this approach is the CMR SIMS unit, which can be connected to a marine vessel’s Automatic Supervision System (AMS) through a secure Ethernet or TCP/IP communication link. This is in turn linked to CMR’s Smart Connecting Modules (SCM’s), contained in small cabinets mounted near or onto the engine, which perform the data acquisition function.

CMR’s SCM units feature four channel 20mA analogue input cards connected to the engine’s fuel pressure and temperature sensors. Additional sensors can then be added, if required, via a spare module. Up to six inputs from switches or up to four inputs for analogue channels are available.

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