New J1939 Connect Can Sensor

New J1939 Smart Sensor. It's in the CAN!

The new J1939 Connect CANTM digital smart sensor from electrical wiring control and instrumentation specialists CMR Group uses J-SENSETM technology to provide extremely reliable and accurate temperature measurement for diesel and gas engines.

This latest development moves sensor technology on from the first generation of digital solutions in terms of power supply (24V as marine and industry standard as opposed to 12V automotive), configuration flexibility and the capacity to operate reliably in the most demanding conditions.

Designed for unforgiving operating environments, the robust thermocouple sensor features embedded industry compliant J1939 technology which  enables real-time diagnostics and a  digitized connection to an engine ECU or any other monitoring system operating under a controller area network (CAN) bus.

The unit features a K-Type thermocouple which measures from -40ºC  to  +1000ºC  and a 24VDC (18-32V) power supply. Electronics are embedded in an IP 65 connector operating from -20ºC to +115ºC with the output SAEJ1939 signal available in the 250 Kbps – 500 Kbps range.

The Connect CAN Sensor is designed for harsh environments like exhaust gas, combustion chamber and bearing temperature, offering compliance to the Marine standard IACS E10 test specification and is fully configurable for improved engine application flexibility and versatility.

Key benefits include:

Direct CAN connection to the engine ECU and monitoring systems

Designed for high horsepower 24v DC

Design flexibility - addition of sensors at a later date

Direct measurement of the temperature gradient

Wiring simplification

Improved data sampling

Enhanced real-time diagnostics

Proven reliability for harsh environments

High temperature tolerance

Helping OEMs to generate more service

Please contact CMR for further information.

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