Powering ahead with new nuclear facility

Building on 30 years of experience and expertise in the nuclear sector, CMR France has invested in a new special nuclear production facility dedicated to industry approved sensors and electronics devices requiring high quality manufacturing and testing.

The restricted access facility has been equipped with specialist industrial ovens, air conditioning and dust extraction. These systems ensure regulation of  temperature, humidity and cleanliness. Moreover, an independent computer network is used for programming all electronic cards.

CMR France is involved in the domestic refit program launched by EDF, supplying new electronics, sensors and systems, which not only includes work to extend the life of French power stations but also expands activities to the international nuclear power development programs, especially in the UK, North America, India and South Korea.

Sebastien Ozenda, customer leader for CMR in the nuclear power sector added,

"The domestic and international nuclear sector is growing as demand shifts away from coal and gas power stations - currently South Korea has 23 operational nuclear power stations but plans to have 30 on stream by 2020".

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