CMR Tunisia: renewal of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards in one shot!

The audit of our 3 certifications ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 45001 (Safety) has been recently completed. Their renewal has been pronounced by the auditor!

The evaluation has been conducted under excellent conditions of transparency and cooperation thanks to all CMRT collaborators. The clarity of the exchanges has been also highlighted. The auditors based their work on a sampling of our practices, studying our operations by taking different examples.

A closer look at the final AFNOR report shows the excellent results obtained: 5 strong points, 0 major non-conformities and 4 minor non-conformities.

Among the strong points identified, we detail:
- Mastery of the process and capitalization of know-how
- Leadership and managerial skills of Top Management
- Group values displayed and implemented
- Demonstrated and operational skills
- Prospects for enhancing knowledge through an "E-Learning" training platform covering all aspects: technical, soft skills.

As for minor non-conformities, they concern the following points:
- The organization has not communicated its relevant QSEMS requirements to subcontractors and has not ensured that these requirements are met by external contractors and their workers
- The organization has carried out internal audits which do not provide information making it possible to determine whether the QSE management system complies with the requirements of the applicable standards
- Product preservation management is not fully effective. The handling, packaging and storage of the product are not controlled.
- The organization did not respond to real emergencies (oil spill) and the periodic tests and exercises to evaluating the reaction capacity to respond to potential emergency situations has not been carried out.

Congratulations to the entire CMRT team for the successful completion of the audit!

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