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Energy efficiency is at the heart of what we do

DesignLeverage all the benefits of our experience

We put our experience to work within your R&D and engineering teams, drawing on our knowledge and our responsiveness. Designs developed for you all over the world can be prototyped locally and then transferred to one of our production centres so they can be produced as inexpensively as possible.

By using next-generation 3D design tools, CMR is able to reduce time-to-market and improve your competitiveness.

At the cutting-edge of technology in terms of CAD / CAE, we provide you with sophisticated tools such as BOM (“Bill of Materials”), automated change control and design conflict management.

Process visibility is managed by a cloud-based system, which provides access to essential project data for all interested parties.

integrationLeverage all the benefits of a global network

Your business sector needs to work with an international network of expert engineers, drawing on all the advantages of comprehensive energy management and electrical engineering solutions for automation, monitoring and engine control.

At the cutting edge of technology, CMR uses electrical engineering design and software to create advanced solutions such as Caneco LV and MV, PV Syst, PV Sol, PTC Creo, PTC Windchill and Vesys Harness (all rights reserved).

CMR operates worldwide and provides you with:

- Access to a modern R&D programme
- Engineering and design services deployed at your sites or closer to your location, using high-performance and modern design tools such as 3D CAD / CAM / CAE
- Cost-effective manufacturing at one of our production centres
- Life cycle management of all our products and systems, including installation, maintenance and commissioning

As a designer partner, we are committed to enhancing your reputation, providing you with very high-quality solutions at the lowest possible cost.

project managementAn international partner

CMR delivers your projects in the shortest possible time and in close collaboration with your teams. We plan the workload and resources in accordance with a project completion schedule that you yourself approve. CMR is a recognised international engineering partner.

Our goal is to provide you with the most efficient engineering solutions, thus contributing to your success. Our expertise in project management covers:

- Technical and commercial evaluation
- Resource allocation
- Scheduling
- Coordination and task management
- Assistance
- Procurement support
- Mechanical and electrical invitations to tender
- Selection and management of subcontractors
- Risk management (including risk assessment and control)
- Project monitoring and control
- IT project implementation (traceability, monitoring, reporting, etc.)
- Quality management
- Forecasting future trends for the current project
- Preventing faults

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