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E-PULSE: A new way to extend the service life of engines.

CMR’s E-PULSE System is designed to be easily installed for retrofit operations or fitted as part of new engines. 


A new approach to extending the service life of diesel engines has been developed by CMR Group – automation and control system specialists for marine and high-horsepower applications.

E-Pulse is a new control system that can be easily installed on medium- and high-speed engines operating in harsh marine and land-based applications and installations, in order to provide operational cost savings.

Featuring an integrated local operating panel with a touchscreen, a main control cabinet and a microprocessor package junction box, E-Pulse provides an engine alarm function, together with comprehensive monitoring, safety and control capabilities, extending the average service life of a diesel engine by 25 years.

Featuring state-of-the-art functions for protecting, monitoring and managing engines, together with associated auxiliary components and interfaces with external systems, E-Pulse can be quickly retro-fitted to existing installations, minimising downtime, or fitted as part of a new power plant installation.

Utilising the latest technology and open-source software (OSS), the interfaces with external propulsion systems, auxiliary components and vessel management technologies are hardwired I/O, Modbus RTU and Ethernet TCP/IP compatible, providing the user with an easy-to-use, reliable and fully-independent engine control solution.

A complete ISO 9001 certified support package for E-Pulse will also be available, covering engineering, design, hardware, installation, commissioning, testing, training, warranty, maintenance and a follow-up obsolescence survey. More details in the E-PULSE brochure & video.