Solutions solaires et hybrides

Reactor automation

For more than 60 years CMR products control and supervision solutions in the following sectors: energy, industry and marine. CMR integrates its own intelligent sensors and automation systems.

CMR employs not less than 700 employees in 12 countries. The group develops tools for the sectors of energy, industry and marine, by integrating its own smart sensors.

CMR develops a wide range of tools for its buyers , from personalized service to design of products. ensures that all of its services maintain the recent regulations and other quality certifications.

Solutions solaires et hybrides


CMR is directed towards the domain of renewable energies. The objective is to present solutions and reliable services to its customers , by integrating digitization, today unavoidable .

Aware of the ecological role of its sector of activity, CMR develops processes to respect The world of tomorrow.

For this purpose, the company provides a permanent line of conduct to all collaborators of the group, regardless their workplace.

Principle and operation

The fission of uranium atoms produces heat, which then transforms water into steam and sets in motion a turbine connected to an alternator which produces electricity.

1. The primary circuit
In the reactor, the fission of uranium atoms produces a large amount of heat. This heat increases the temperature of the water circulating around the reactor, to 320 ° C. The water is kept under pressure to keep it from boiling. This closed circuit is called the primary circuit.

2. The secondary circuit
The primary circuit communicates with a second closed circuit, called the secondary circuit, via a steam generator. In this steam generator, the hot water of the primary circuit heats the water of the secondary circuit which turns into steam. The pressure of this vapor turns a turbine which in turn drives an alternator. Thanks to the energy supplied by the turbine, the alternator produces an alternating electric current.

A transformer raises the voltage of the electric current produced by the alternator so that it can be more easily carried in very high voltage lines.

3. The cooling circuit
At the outlet of the turbine, the steam from the secondary circuit is again transformed into water thanks to a condenser in which circulates cold water from the sea or from a river. This third circuit is called the cooling circuit. On the banks of the river, the water in this 3rd circuit can then be cooled by contact with the air circulating in large towers, called air coolers.

The 3 water circuits are watertight with respect to each other.

Solutions solaires et hybrides

Reactor automation: development of intelligent hydroelectric solutions


Energy, industrial and marine companies are researching actively renewable, low carbon sources of energy. Our wish is to promote access to these renewable energies. How? 'Or' What ? By deploying hybrid and microgrid solutions, which maximize energy and storage efficiency.


We compose intelligent instrumentation and automation systems for a cleaner world in the sectors of energy, industry and marine. Since 1959, we assemble services innovative and also tailor-made tools: intelligent sensors, monitoring systems advanced and automation. All these products are dedicated to energy, industry and the marine industry.


Our virtues are those that guide our operations and improve our business. United, all employees who constitute our teams defend our values ​​ and work ardently to promote them.

In addition to this, we educate our employees about the consumption of energy resources and limit consumption of & # 039; water, energy or even paper (recycling, communications, ...).

Energy and education are the guidelines of CSR policy. CMR is committed to deploy its own environmental and social project activities. All employees are committed in this challenge CSR.

CMR analyzes every year its carbon footprint for reduce it. Actions to perfect the transport of raw materials and finished products are at the heart of its concerns.

CMR compares the life cycle of its products as well as the constitution of raw materials to improve waste recycling. The R & amp; D department centralizes its efforts on the integration of sustainable development at all levels of society.

Solutions solaires et hybrides

Use case

Energy and education are the guidelines of CSR policy. CMR is committed to deploy its own environmental and social project activities. All collaborators are committed in this challenge CSR.

CMR analyzes every year its carbon footprint for reduce it. Actions to perfect the transport of raw materials and finished products are at the center of its concerns.


We produce and deliver turnkey solar or hybrid power plants for micro-grid, industrial or grid-connected installations.

La solution HYDROS designed by CMR makes it possible to hybridize diesel generator installations with solar production and potentially storage.

The transformation of thermal power plants into hybrid plants delivers many benefits to the customers of these facilities:

  • »Significant reduction in consumption of fuels
  • »Strong decrease in CO2 emissions
  • »Gain in competitiveness on the tariff of the electricity produced
  • » decrease in maintenance costs .

Our HYLIOS solution is essentially reserved for emerging countries strongly dependent on thermal production, but releasing significant solar potential.

The difficulty of hybrid thermal power plants consists in the dimensioning of the equipment of the thermal part, the storage, and in the piloting. The goal is to to ensure a continuous supply of electricity to customers.

Our HYLIOS solution is equipped with an energy flow management and control system, making it possible to meet the consumption of energy needs. This solution is usable for autonomous and nomadic mini-power plants but also for large hybrid ground installations.

Our energy management system offers many features for:

  • » increase electrical efficiency
  • » reduce the use of fuels
  • 'Improve self-consumption


We create low voltage electrical distribution boards, lifting and automation systems to global offshore oil and gas players. CMR supplies switchgear and energy management cabinets to international distributors of production, storage, loading platforms and floating supports (FPSO ships).

CMR is a global leader in the petroleum industry. We supply electrical systems for your drilling rigs, ships and wells.

Established on the Asian market, we develop electrical panels and distribution cabinets in collaboration with Siemens and Schneider Electric.

Using reliable and quality components, CMR meets all the obligations of the petroleum industry with total control of tariffs and deadlines.


We are confirmed K3AD for the manufacture and installation of nuclear power plant measuring instruments.

Designed in accordance with nuclear regulations, our equipment operates under accidental circumstances and in accordance with the service life of nuclear power plants. 60 years of know-how. CMR is known as a major global player in the nuclear industry.

We assure an total quality of service to our customers: from engineering to qualification including mastery of the supply chain.

CMR guarantees the management of the obsolescence of its products installed in more than 100 nuclear power plants since the 1980s.

We specialize in solutions for nuclear power plants and automation. Our customers regularly call on us for the supply, engineering, installation and maintenance of nuclear temperature sensors.


We distribute intelligent control systems to maintain secure operations. We support our clients in the sectors of energy and industry.

CMR develops your projects from the study, project management, testing, installation, programming, site management and commissioning.

We produce reliable and advanced systems that unite the latest technology.

A global partner: we donate a local manufacture thanks to support in our 12 operational sites around the world. A realization conformed to our international customers, with installations all diversified and requesting specific needs.

As an EPC, we bring exclusive service throughout the world: engineering, design, procurement, logistics, set-up and commissioning.

Engine & Propulsion

Our 60 years of engine expertise allows us to simplify and maintain your electrical installations with proven stability of instrumentation.

We design individual components and complete adjusted solutions to the requirements of your engine instrumentation:

  • »Industrial motor sensors
  • »Cabling systems
  • »Alarm monitoring system

CMR enables total management of the life cycle of products to engine and generator manufacturers. This is made possible thanks to our engineers and an improved supply chain. CMR is your partner from the design phase to commissioning.

We install and guarantee after-sales service for all your equipment anywhere in the world.


COSTRONIC, a CMR Group subsidiary, puts all its experience in the field of automation and electrical engineering at the service of operators of hydroelectric power stations.

We collaborate for over 30 years with end users, major design offices and turbine manufacturers to offer turnkey solutions.

We supply all electrical products for hydroelectric power plants with tools adapted to the constraints and needs of operators.

Our control solutions guarantee maximum availability of installations and their daily production. They are based on recent technological innovations to improve your plant and its operation.

With more than 2,500 completed projects, we are recognized as developers of control tools in various areas .

For more than 60 years, we have put our skills at the service of our customers.


Latest completed projects



Installation of a complete SCADA system package with a central monitoring system.



Designing, installing and commissioning a centralized SCADA system with addition of sensing elements.



Software replacement to improve data synchronization and redundancy.

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