UL certified and ISO surveillance audit successfully passed for CMR India


We are happy to announce that after a considerable effort from all of team members of CMR India, we are now UL certified plant .

The UL label, a certification issued by Underwriters Laboratories, is one of the most prestigious guaranteeing a product's compliance with the safety and quality requirements applicable in the USA and Canada, and therefore its unrivalled competitiveness for free circulation on international markets. 

UL certification is voluntary, even though its reputation makes it indispensable for many electrical and electronic products, representing a guarantee of confidence and peace of mind for consumers. A UL-certified product means that UL's independant laboratory carries out regular, ongoing audits of manufacturers' facilities and tests on representative samples of these products taken from the market, to verify their compliance with the requirements laid down by the standards in force.

More than 20 billion products worldwide receive the UL Mark of Safety every year.

This is an incredible step for CMR India and for the entire group, and we are very proud of each of the staff members who have put in all the hours to get our company UL certified. Being recognized as UL certified plant puts CMR India on the level of a world-class company that continuously pursue excellence.

Secondly, we have successfully passed the surveillance audit from TUV Nord for 3 ISO certifications.

This year was particularly prolific in this area, with CMR Suzhou obtaining 2 certifications, while CMR USA and CMR Tunisia renewed theirs.

For those unfamiliar, ISO 9001 is a quality management system (QMS), ISO 14001 is Environmental standard, ISO 45001 is Occupational Health and Safety Standard, it's a set of standards of framework that gives a business a set of guiding principles that allow it to provide a product or service better and with consistency. ISO 9001 is wordl's most common QMS.

It gives CMR India a motivation to excel in all activities that are done as Team Work.

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