Our solutions

CMR designs smart sensors and complete monitoring and wiring systems adapted to match all your requirements.

CMR designs and manufactures a variety of rigid and flexible cabling solutions to meet your application, environmental and performance expectations.

Our range of pre-wired systems designed and manufactured according to the strictest industrial standards and the most modern tools, meets all your requirements.

The CMR portfolio offers a wide variety of flexible, rigid or mixed cabling system solutions to meet your different expectations in terms of application, environment and performance.

We equip as standard or for specific applications a wide panel of globally recognized customers, including OEMs on the markets of industrial marine or land engines, generators or transport (rails, ...)

CMR cabling systems revolve around three main families:
Cables and harnesses
Rigid or mixed ducts
Cabinets and plates

CMR also offers you the possibility of outsourcing your wiring studies in order to let your teams focus on other subjects, based on our skills and abilities.

Cables and 

Your equipment requires a wide range of pre-wired cabling solutions and your ability to "perform" requires absolute reliability.

CMR provides flexible cabling solutions including different levels of IP protection, and temperature and environment, in particular “coverings” by ringed sheaths, braiding (standard, Kevlar, metal), or sheaths (high temperatures, heat-shrinkable).

CMR manufactures this equipment based on modern reproduction tools and the strictest standards (IPC 620). “Sensitive” operations are automated in order to guarantee quality and repeatability (cutting of wires / cables, markings, stripping / stripping, crimping, etc. The production of flexible bundles is based on dedicated “buildboards” and “testboards” and 100% of our equipment is installed on a computerized bench (continuity, insulation, interconnection, etc.).

CMR takes into account the operational environment and your needs to design and manufacture at the best cost.

Rigid or mixed 

Rigid or mixed pre-wiring systems are used outside the engines but also inside the housings (bearing temperature measurements).

The range covers pyrometric, thermometric, ignition equipment for gas engines or even multi-service.

The approach developed over the years makes it possible to secure interconnections (the nerve center of any cabling system), reduce installation costs and improve aesthetics.

The best production technologies are used as well as industrial standards (IPC620) Production. Of course, most CMR supplies are compliant international regulations such as UL, CSA, ATEX, when these are not Marine regulations.

Cabinets and panels

CMR also designs and supplies cabinets and turntables that can be used for local or remote control (including with your integrated ECU / ECM), in AMS (alarm and monitoring system), in engine safety, in management of generator sets or for special applications (“Ballast water”,…).

Design partnership offer

CMR also offers you the possibility of subcontracting all or part of the wiring studies for your equipment. With an international team (France, England, China, India and USA), the supports can be deported to the local Engineering departments, or even located in your own units. Beyond the design phase CMR also provides you with support for possible qualifications, industrialization of the product or even its manufacture (prototype, series).