0 PPM in the year 2023 for CMR India

Cummins India have appreciated CMR India for ZERO Defects for last consecutive 3 years.

Right from 2021 thru 2023 all these 3 years are with Zero defects for domestic as well as export customers.
We congratulate you on achieving 0 PPM in the Year 2023.
Deeply appreciate your efforts maintaining the Product Quality requirements & expect the same results in upcoming years.
Another important Note – This is III consecutive year you/team delivered ZERO PPM

CMR India commented: “The clear advantage of achieving a zero-defect level is waste and cost reduction when building products to customer specifications.

Zero defects mean higher customer satisfaction and improved customer loyalty, which invariably leads to better sales and profits. Our CMR India team has made great efforts to achieve this position. Our quality culture is built on the three core principles of Drive for Zero:

Responsibility – All employees feel responsible for the work they do and are committed to completing tasks right first time.
Accountability – We own our mistakes and work together to resolve problems as they occur.
Empowerment – everyone has a voice, and all are empowered to stop the process when quality is at risk.

With this mindset, the CMR India team have successfully managed a greatly increased mix of products and an influx of new operators to support the increased demand. To have maintained this excellent quality record when faced with such increased variation is great work by CMR India team.

Zero defects is a way of thinking and doing that reinforces the notion that defects are not acceptable, and that everyone should “ Do things right the first time.

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